Tokyo 2020 welcomes ECC language school as new Official Supporter

ECC Japanese Language Institute has signed a new Official Supporter deal with the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, ECC is an international language school with over 170 branches and 400,000 students nationwide. ECC stands for Education through Communication for the Community.

ECC joins the games as an Official Supporter, in the lowest tier of the Tokyo 2020 sponsor hierarchy.

At the highest level, with rights to activate globally, are Worldwide Olympic Partners (also known as TOP sponsors) such as Visa, Allianz, Samsung and Alibaba Group.

Below the TOP sponsors are three tiers of domestic sponsors, including Gold Partners such as Asahi, Canon, and Asics; Official Partners, such as Ajinomoto, Cisco and Nikkei; and Official Supporters, such as ECC, Kokuyo and Nomura.

For more on Visa’ and Allianz’s TOP sponsor deals with the IOC, see our analysis here.