Lausanne 2020 claims first with transport partnership

Lausanne’s public transport system, the Transports Publics de la Région Lausannoise (tl), has agreed a partnership with the local organising committee of the Swiss city’s 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games.

The partnership was announced to mark the inauguration of a new bus line in Lausanne, whose stops will include the Olympic Museum.

To celebrate the partnership, a special bus, decorated with the Lausanne 2020 colours, is now in service.

Lausanne 2020’s partnership with tl aims to encourage young athletes, their entourage and spectators to use public transport as a priority – a first in the history of the Youth Olympic Games.

The tl will also use the Games to provide its customers with innovative solutions to maximise the use of new technologies and facilitate access to the different sites during the event.

Michel Joye, director of tl, said: “We have been supporting Lausanne 2020 since the beginning of the project, in 2013. To highlight this collaboration, an M2 metro train decorated top to bottom in Lausanne 2020’s colours is circulating, as is a bus for our new line.”

“This partnership is important for us because we are committed to providing an exciting experience to the world’s young athletes and to the public by putting our strengths at the service of responsible mobility, which is essential in the context of our societies’ current mobilisation for the climate.”