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Louis Vuitton’s Davis Cup deal gets Kosmos era started

The revamped Davis Cup has reached a four-year Official Trophy Partner agreement with French fashion brand Louis Vuitton.

Under the deal, Louis Vuitton has the right to build the travel case to display the Davis Cup trophy.

SportBusiness Sponsorship understands there are no branding, player access or Davis Cup intellectual property rights associated with the deal.

Last year, investment group Kosmos secured the commercial rights to the Davis Cup in a 25-year deal with the International Tennis Federation, which will transform the tournament’s format.

It is understood that the ITF and Kosmos Tennis’ commercial teams are working together to get partners for the Davis Cup Finals in November.

The Louis Vuitton deal was made by both the ITF and Kosmos Tennis – and all parties, including Louis Vuitton, will work together on designing the travel case.

Several meetings will take place this week between the ITF, Kosmos Tennis and potential sponsors, but no further deals have been signed to date.

Existing partners of the Davis Cup are: Title Partners BNP Paribas; International Sponsors Adecco; and Official Partner Head.

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