Kosmos looks to digital replacement technology to raise Davis Cup sponsorship revenue

The joint-venture partners in this year’s Davis Cup are planning to use digital replacement technology during broadcasts of the inaugural ‘World Cup of Tennis’ later this year.

The technology will allow brands to superimpose their logos on advertising boards during live broadcasts of the Davis Cup so that different brands can be seen in different markets.

Speaking to the Associated Press, Kosmos Tennis chief executive Javier Alonso said: “One of the things that happens in terms of sponsorship is that it is pretty difficult to find one of those global brands that has interest all over the world.

“With the modern technologies that are available right now on the market … we are targeting to have three or four different feeds, and in each feed we will have a different sponsor with virtual replacement technology.”

Kosmos plans to expand the number of feeds to generate more new sponsors over time.

“At the end of the day, you can multiply by three or four the income that you are generating because the expense is not huge,” said Alonso.

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According to the AP report, the plan to use DRT was fast-tracked after banking group BNP Paribas chose not to continue as Davis Cup title sponsor this year.

“It was a surprise when it happened but we already had another plan, so we could handle it,” Alonso said. “Already with what we have signed (in sponsors), I would say probably we already have 30 or 40 percent of what they had before. We are OK.”

The Kosmos investment group and the International Tennis Federation struck a 25-year partnership to revamp the Davis Cup in February 2018.