Facebook APAC launches campaign to sports advertisers for Tokyo 2020

Facebook Asia Pacific launched a global campaign to introduce their platform to potential sport advertisers called “Give Your Game Everything” on Wednesday, exactly a year before the start of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympic Games.

According to a report by Mumbrella Asia, Facebook marketing insights manager for Asia-Pacific Sandra Marichal said at the campaign launch event: “Games used to live on television. But by 2020, there will be three billion smartphone users and Asia-Pacific will account for more than half of them. ”

“Today, people watch TV and are on the mobile at the same time. Another behaviour we have noticed is people watch TV on mobile, switch and share between apps. With this campaign, we want to focus on cross platform and cross media behaviour since brands need to be prepared.

“You need to be everywhere every time which is very complex. We want to alleviate this complexity.”

This campaign will provide information and best practices from Facebook IQ, the digital insights and market research arm of the social media platform. Facebook IQ commissioned survey company YouGov to survey 9,173 people aged 18-64 in Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Korea, Russia, the U.S. and the United Kingdom in April 2019, to find out how users interacted with their platforms during sport events.

Digitalmarket Asia reported that of those surveyed:

  • 22 per cent joined Facebook Group for a global sports event
  • 52 per cent view Instagram stories about live sporting events
  • 35 per cent use Facebook messenger to discuss global sports events
  • 70 per cent read sports event-related posts on their Facebook News Feed
  • 40 per cent use WhatsApp to discuss global sports events
  • 20 per cent watched global sports events on IGTV
  • 38 per cent used hashtags to search for event updates on Instagram

Marichal believes that brands are not reaching their target demographics with sport personality campaigns, saying: “When we talk about fans, there is a bit of a misconception. More people said they were ‘non fans’ and this was ratified by our data.”

“But when we looked into other aspects – for instance – those who were sharing big ad campaigns starring athletes like Serena Williams, we found women and older people. Sports brands are not reaching them.”

“We are working with the team to create campaigns to reach out to those who technically engage with the content but are not in the target base of ‘fans’.”

She also addressed concerns on ambush marketing by brands that weren’t Olympic partners and sponsors for Tokyo 2020 on Facebook’s platform.

“All our advertisers will get the same insights.

“For the non sponsors though, there are things you cannot say and do. We tell them that our system won’t allow them to publish material that goes against the guidelines. It helps them become aware, before they submit assets, rather than forbidding them after the fact.”