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Under Armour gets active on Facebook

OVER THE LAST six months, Facebook has been changing the algorithm of its news feed, which means that a brand could have lost up to 90 per cent of the reach of their pages.

The way for a page owner to respond to this is to increase the "active users" on their page, therefore increasing the reach. If they don't want to do this or have not had much success the page owner is now able to pay Facebook to promote the page posts.

This is a topic of great controversy, particularly for sport brands. However as this data below from Sports New Media shows, some brands are far better than others in acquiring active users, with more than eight per cent of Under Armour Facebook users "talking about" the brand.

Sports New Media works with athletes, sports agents, sporting associations and sport governing bodies to manage their social media activity, especially on Facebook.

By Nick Thain, CEO, Sports New Media

Follow Nick on Twitter: @nickthain

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