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Esports team Echo Fox signs apparel deal

North American team Echo Fox has broken fresh ground for the esports market by agreeing an apparel partnership with gaming brand J!nx.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but under the agreement J!nx will be the official supplier of jerseys for Echo Fox, which has a roster of 40 players competing in eight disciplines.

“We're helping a team like Echo Fox tell their story on their online site, on their web store,” J!nx co-founder Sean Gailey told ESPN.com. “There are a lot of new fans to the sport and we think we can help Echo Fox win more of them.”

Echo Fox jerseys were made available yesterday (Monday), both on the team store and on the J!nx marketplace for $59.99 (€56). Rick Fox, owner of Echo Fox, said the partnership with J!nx is the next move in esports mimicking major sports leagues and franchises.

“Jerseys are certainly a way to capture a fan's loyalty,” Fox said. “It makes sense that eventually Team Echo Fox fans would be able to get a jersey worn by a rookie like Akaadian just like NBA fans would want to get a jersey of a rookie that they wanted to rep.”