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SAP links up with Russian Dota 2 esports event

Software manufacturer SAP has signed up as an official partner of the Epicenter Major Dota 2 esports event in Moscow on June 22.

SAP already has a significant role in esports, collecting in-game data and statistics from a number of professional teams.

At the event, the company’s technology will be used to collect and display in-game statistics that can then be used in media coverage.

SAP has also developed a cloud-based analytics solution, allowing esports players to review their opponents’ in-game strategies more quickly and effectively.

Alexander Kim, commercial director of ESforce Holding, which is operating the event through Epic Esports Events, said: “It is difficult to imagine modern professional football, basketball or hockey without nuanced and detailed statistical analysis. Products offered by SAP to esports will not only increase broadcast quality for the viewers of our major tournaments, but also elevate esports industry to a completely new professional level.”

Epic Esports Events has hosted a number of esports events in Russia since 2016.