Paris 2024 on track with latest bid partner

The Société du Grand Paris (SGP), a French public institution established to fund and oversee the development of the new Grand Paris Express subway transport system, has signed up to support the Paris 2024 bid for the summer Olympic and Paralympic Games.

As an official supplier of the bid, the SGP will support the Paris 2024 team with transportation planning and development in the bidding process and, should the French capital be successful, during and after the Games.

SGP will also open an innovation centre that will explain the Grand Paris Express and how it will impact Paris 2024.

The new Grand Paris Express, the largest infrastructure project in Europe, will serve the Grand Paris region of the city and Games venues located in this area, should the Paris 2024 bid prove successful.

Bernard Lapasset, co-chair of the Paris 2024 bid team said: “The expertise of SGP in transportation planning and development will help to shape our thinking towards spectator experience and strengthen the social mobility legacy of our project – ensuring Parisians benefit from the new infrastructure long after the Games have ended.”