Bauhaus extends backing of EHF Euro

Home improvement and garden products retailer Bauhaus has renewed its association with the European Handball Federation’s national team championships for their 2016 editions.

Bauhaus will be an official sponsor of the 2016 EHF Euro for both the men’s and women’s events, which run from January 15-31 and December 4-18 in Poland and Sweden, respectively.

Under an agreement brokered by the EHF’s exclusive media and marketing partner Infront Sports & Media, Bauhaus joins mail order furniture, materials handling and storage solutions group AJ and sporting goods retailer Intersport as an official sponsor of Euro 2016.

All official sponsors will benefit from television visible advertising, including court-side and on-court, on-site activations and corporate hospitality opportunities. Infront expects to name a total of eight official sponsors for Euro 2016.

Stefan Wolsiffer, member of the management team of Bauhaus, said: “The EHF Euros have always provided us with excellent exposure to reach out to our key sales markets across Central and Northern Europe. As the platform is constantly evolving and being continuously enhanced, in areas such as advertising technology, exclusivity for sponsors, TV and digital reach – the prolongation of our long-term partnership with Infront was a logical next step in our long-term commitment to European handball.”