Timely deal for European Games

Timing devices manufacturer Minsk Watch Plant has agreed a sponsorship deal with the 2019 European Games.

This year’s edition of the multi-sport event takes place in the Belarusian capital from June 21-30 and the company will serve as a national partner.

Along with receiving brand rights for the Games, Minsk Watch Plant will also produce event-themed devices under its Luch brand. Along with going on sale to the general public, these watches will be given to athletes and volunteers at the Games.

Minsk 2019 chief executive George Katulin said: “It is important to note that by supporting such a project as the second European Games, the domestic producer enters the European arena.

“Volunteers will go to different countries, and I think that these souvenirs will become a real ‘bestseller’ for them. In our country, the Luch brand has a rich history, and thanks to the Games it will project itself far beyond the borders of Belarus.”