Gold Coast 2018 links up with Isentia

The 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games multi-sport event has signed a new partnership deal with media monitoring and analysis company Isentia.

Leading up to and during the Games held from April 4-15, 2018, Isentia will provide information to support theevent in identifying key media markets, customising messaging and tracking its “Share the Dream” sentiment, according to Isentia Queensland state manager Russ Horell.

As the official media monitoring service supplier of the Games, Isentia stated that data from over 5,000 mainstream media outlets, 55,000 news sources and 3.4 million user-generated content sources across 12 languages will assist the Games in making timely communication decisions.

“The insights provided by Isentia have been valuable to evaluate the success of key campaigns and activations,” said Mark Peters, chief executive of the Games. “As we get closer to April 4, 2018, this real time data will become even more valuable.” 

“With just 412 days until GC2018, planning for the Games is well and truly on track. Our sponsorship portfolio is healthy with more announcements to come; applications for volunteers have been open for a week, with a very strong response, the Queen’s Baton Relay starts in London on March 13 and the ticket request phase will begin in late April.”

The Games’ organising committee stated that Isentia’s intelligence tools have already revealed early media reporting trends that have highlighted public interest in key programmes, such as volunteering and ticketing.