Digicel Samoa to back Samoa’s Pacific Games

Telco Digicel Samoa has signed up as an official sponsor of the Samoa 2019 Pacific Games.

The deal is worth $1.1m and includes cash and media services, according to the Fiji Times .

“It means we can start looking to next year and all our other preparations by getting most of the rest of our sponsorship deals locked in by the end of the year, making sure our venues are still on track, which they are, and finalising the accommodation,” the Games’ chief executive, Falefata Hele Ei Matatia, said.

“It’s been a long time with the negotiations, making sure we ticked all our boxes.”

The multi-sport Games will run from July 7-20.

Digicel Samoa chief executive Farid Mohammed added: “I’m absolutely delighted to be able to close the deal this side of Christmas, so we can all focus on the activation and execution of the sponsorship.”