Turkish market suits Liverpool just fine

LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL Club of the English Premier League has signed a deal with Turkish menswear brand Ramsey, which will see the club provided with bespoke tailored formalwear for the next two seasons as well as for this weekend’s FA Cup final.

The partnership will see Istanbul-based Ramsey become an official partner of the club under terms which include a “significant amount of cash and supply of product” as well as being “entitled to a suite of marketing benefits.”

Frontloaded values the cash element of the deal at between £250,000 and £500,000 per year.

Partnering with Ramsey further cements Liverpool’s association with Turkey, having agreed a two-year deal with Turkish Tourism in November 2011.

“The Club has a very close affinity with Turkey,” Jonathan Kane, Liverpool’s director of international business development told Frontloaded. “Arguably the greatest night in the club's history took place in Istanbul, so the city is deeply engrained in the fabric of the club and will always be held in affection by our fans all over the world.”

Kane continues: “The Partnership with Turkish Tourism has been a great success and has helped to generate interest amongst the Turkish business community, and we have been running a television programme (Soccer Prince) out there for the past six months which has raised our profile further within the country.”

Turkey’s huge population of football fans and rapidly growing economy are two further factors Kane points to in support of the club’s expanding relationship with the country, while suggesting Liverpool’s global popularity is an ideal platform to harness the international aspirations of many Turkish businesses.

Istanbul and London-based sports agency CI Sports Global aided Liverpool in its negotiations with Ramsey and Turkish Tourism, and will continue to work with the club throughout the duration of the partnerships. 



By Luke Harman

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