Team China Basketball shows its Würth

WORLDWIDE HARDWARE wholesaler Würth has signed as an official sponsor of Team China Basketball up to and including 2014.

The agreement, brokered by Infront Sports & Media, the exclusive global marketing partner of Team China Basketball, secures product category exclusivity on a package of rights connected to Team China Basketball.

These include advertising on courtside rotating boards and other on-site branding and activities, plus the right to use Team China images, logo and designation for promotional purposes as well as additional opportunities for franchising.

Exploiting the above rights, China’s men’s team will play a series of home games in preparation for London 2012, including matches against the USA, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. The team will also play a series of away games in Australia in June and another set of pre-Olympic games in Poland in July.

Under the strategic partnership between Infront China and CCTV Sports & Entertainment (CCTVSE), a total of 12 home games for the men’s team are produced per year. In 2011 the men’s team achieved a cumulative figure of 51 million and 39 million for live broadcasts.


Würth joins a broad selection of international and domestic brands in the Team China Basketball stable.


The men’s team sponsor line up includes: TCL Corporation (electronics), Sohu (portal website), PPTV (video website), UPS (express and logistics), Nike (sports clothing and foot ware), Zhujiang Beer, Blue Sword (mineral water), Jinliufu (Liquor), McDavid (sports medical products), Kang Zhi Wei (food manufacturer), Carpoly (chemical group), Arrow (ceramics), Zhongwo (nutrient beverage) and Leshi Internet.


Würth Group marketing director, Dieter Münch, and COO of Würth Group China, Christoph Ladurner, were involved in the deal.



By Matthew Glendinning:

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