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WNBA opens up second jersey sponsorship opportunity

The Women’s National Basketball Association will allow teams in the North American league to sell additional jersey sponsorship and on-court sponsorship space from the 2018 season.

WNBA franchises have been able to feature a sponsor logo on their jerseys since the 2009 season and the men’s NBA league opted to introduce this system as part of a three-year trial, running from the 2017 campaign until 2019.

According to USA Today, WNBA teams will now be able to sell another jersey patch to a different sponsor in addition to the original jersey patch allowed. The new patch will measure 2.25 x 2.25 inches and be placed on the upper left-hand shoulder.

In addition, from the 2018 season, WNBA teams can sell on-court sponsor logos for all games not televised by US sports broadcaster ESPN. The new logos will be placed on the foul line.

Jay Parry, chief operating officer of the WNBA, said the new arrangement is an extension of the partnership programme launched in 2009. Parry was president and chief operating officer of the Phoenix Mercury WNBA team at the time and helped the franchise become the first in the WNBA to sign a jersey sponsor.

Parry said: “We believe that brands will be interested in this because it’s a way for them to expand and deepen their relationship with their constituents. And with the national narrative going on right now, they’re interested in aligning with brands like the WNBA that stand for diversity, inclusion and equality and being conscious on how our athletes are leading the charge on social change.”