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Werder Bremen secures €30m naming rights deal with Wohninvest

Bundesliga club SV Werder Bremen has signed a new €30m ($33.7m) naming rights deal with real estate development brand Wohninvest.

Under the deal, Wohninvest will hold the naming rights to Werder Bremen’s Weserstadion for the next 10 years, until June 30, 2029.

In a official club statement, Werder Bremen said both Wohinvest and Bremer Weser-Stadion GmbH – the owner of the venue – agreed early on in the negotiations to keep the venue’s existing name after the rebranding.

Wohninvest has been a Werder Bremen club partner for one year, and had a private box in the Weserstadion throughout last season.

Harald Panzer, managing director of Wohninvest, said: “During this time, we got to know the people responsible for Werder as serious and competent discussion partners.

“We are united in the goal of bringing SV Werder forward and creating the necessary framework and conditions.

“In recent decades, Werder has built this stadium into one of the most beautiful in Germany, and now we want to help secure this achievement.

“Of course, we expect a brand presence throughout Germany, but we are also happy that we can ensure that the name Weserstadion is preserved.”

In recent years, Weserstadion has been redesigned to improve the viewing experience for football fans, including through greater overhead coverage and closer pitch-side seats.

Werder Bremen and Bremer Weser-Stadion GmbH also partnered with renewable energy brands EWE and swb to improve power efficiency at the venue.

The Weserstadion now features a photovoltaic system of 200,000 solar cells, covering an area larger than two football fields.

The photovoltaic system generates up to one million kilowatt hours of electricity per year, helping to significantly reduce CO2 emissions.