Wahoo renews partnership with Team Ineos, successor to Team Sky

Smart trainer and indoor cycling brand Wahoo has renewed its partnership with Team Ineos, the successor to the hugely successful Team Sky.

The new deal will run for three years, taking Wahoo and Team Ineos through to the 2021 season.

Starting this year, Team Ineos will use the full Wahoo indoor cycling ecosystem: the Kickr Climb grade simulator, the Kickr Headwind smart fan, the Kickr Desk and Tickr heart rate monitor at all events and for indoor training.

The Kickr grade simulator allows athletes to simulate real-world climbs during indoor training indoors, and the Kickr Headwind smart fan allows athletes to maintain an optimal core temperature.

The Tickr heart rate monitor collects and analyses cardiovascular data to improve riders’ performance.

Team Ineos’s predecessor, Team Sky, had been using the Kickr wheel-off smart trainer for warm-ups and indoor training since 2014.