Standard Bank Namibia scores with Super Cup title deal

Financial services institution Standard Bank Namibia has announced a three-year naming sponsorship for the Namibia Football Association’s new Super Cup competition.

The deal is worth N$3m (€200,000/$285,000) over the term of the contract for the annual match that pits the Namibian league champion against the Namibia Cup winner.

The winning team will net N$500,000, with N$200,000 for the runner-up and the remaining N$300,000 annually going towards administration, marketing and promotion costs including team kits.

Director of Sport in the Ministry of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture, Bernard Kaanjuka, said according to The Namibian newspaper: “The Standard Bank Namibia Super Cup will be the single most lucrative football game on the Namibian football calendar. So I hope this will benefit our players as they will get to play an extra game, but more importantly, the resources that will be derived from this competition, by the clubs, should be put to good use.”