Schalke renews with R+V Versicherung

German Bundesliga football club Schalke 04 has extended its partnership with insurance company R+V Versicherung.

The new deal runs until 2023, with R+V to retain its position as a premium partner of the Gelsenkirchen-based club.

The deal has been signed a year before the previous agreement was due to expire. R+V has been a partner of Schalke since 2015.

The company benefits from extensive marketing rights and advertising opportunities as part of the deal. R+V also supports the Knappen-Fussballschule, which organises nationwide training camps for young footballers.

From the 2019-20 season, R+V will also work with Schalke’s esports team on sponsorship initiatives.

“We are particularly interested in the topics of youth and popular sports,” R+V board member Jens Hasselbächer said. “That’s why our involvement with the Knappen-Fussballschule is a very important part of our partnership. It conveys values such as community, team spirit and fair play, for which R+V and Schalke also stand.

“Equally important to R+V is the esports segment. This relatively new sport is especially appealing to young people and will become significantly more important in the coming years.”