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Samsung extends as IOC TOP Partner

Korean consumer electronics company Samsung has today (Tuesday) become the latest sponsor to extend its commitment to the International Olympic Committee’s TOP Partner Programme.

Having served as a Worldwide Olympic Partner for the last 22 years, Samsung has now extended this commitment to cover all Olympic Games through to 2028, including that year’s summer edition in Los Angeles.

The eight-year extension will see Samsung continue as the Worldwide Olympic Partner in the wireless communications equipment and computing equipment category, including the ability to promote the Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 5G features of that equipment.

As part of the agreement, the IOC and Samsung will further develop their strategic digital collaboration in an effort to engage young generations around the world. Samsung will also continue to support the IOC, the National Olympic Committees and their teams. Samsung’s first Games as a Worldwide TOP Partner were the 1998 winter Games in Nagano, Japan.

In collaboration with the IOC and the Local Organising Committees, Samsung plans to continue its Athlete Phone Programme. This programme provides limited Olympic edition Galaxy phones to all participating Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

Dong Jin Koh, president and chief executive of the IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics, said: “Through our innovative wireless and computing equipment which are able to support AI, VR, AR and 5G technology, we hope to spread the excitement of the Games so that fans and athletes around the world can stay connected and share in the journey to achieve greatness at the highest level of sportsmanship.”

Samsung is one of 13 current members of the TOP Partner Programme, many of whom have committed through to 2028. In September, German insurance group Allianz signed a deal that will see it join the Programme in 2021. Its deal will also run through to 2028.

IOC Marketing Commission chair Tsunekazu Takeda said: “Samsung understands and promotes the Olympic values through technology and marketing campaigns that help break down barriers and engage new audiences. From a commercial perspective, our extension with Samsung to 2028 builds on the long-term agreements reached recently with existing and new Partners, and demonstrates the long-term strength and appeal of our marketing programmes.”