Red Bull Air Race fuels up with BP

Air BP, the international aviation fuel products and service division of oil and gas giant BP, has agreed a deal to sponsor the Red Bull Air Race World Championship.

Air BP will serve as the fuel supplier and carbon reduction partner for the competition during its 2017 season, which got underway at the weekend in Abu Dhabi.

Under the agreement, Air BP will work with the Red Bull Air Race to offset carbon emissions associated with aviation fuel during the 2017 race season. This will be achieved via an offsetting programme managed by BP Target Neutral and will result in the championship having a carbon-neutral fuel footprint this season.

“At every stop of the World Championship, our pilots push themselves and their aircraft to the limit, so it’s imperative we use the highest quality fuel products and services available,” Erich Wolf, general manager of the Red Bull Air Race, said. “With Air BP, we can do this while knowing we’re working to protect the environment.”

The season-opening race in Abu Dhabi was won by Martin Sonka (pictured) of the Czech Republic.