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Petrobras returns to Williams

Formula One motor racing outfit Williams has continued its recent run of sponsorship deals by announcing that Brazilian energy company Petrobras has agreed to return to the team.

Williams and Petrobras have had a history of technology collaboration dating back to 1998 when the team started using Petrobras’ fuel for the first time in a partnership which lasted for 11 years. Under the terms of the new multi-year alliance, Williams and Petrobras will work together to develop a new specialist motorsport fuel for use by the team starting in the 2015 season. With new engine regulations coming into effect from 2014 that require teams to use more efficient fuels, Petrobras’ will seek to ensure that the British team is well placed to meet the demands of greater energy efficiency within the sport.

Petrobras will also use the global platform of Formula One to further brand awareness through the placement of its logo on the side of the Williams Mercedes FW36 chassis and across the team environment and apparel. Petrobras’ return to Williams comes with Brazilian driver Felipe Massa having moved to the team from Ferrari for the 2014 season.  

Petrobras president Maria das Graças Silva Foster said: “We are very happy to be going back to the biggest motorsport competition in the world. During the 11 years that Williams was by our side we made significant advances in product development, such as Podium gasoline. Participating in this competition is a huge challenge, since it requires us to always be ready to meet the highest standards for quality and efficiency demanded by the category. We are very excited to start this new challenge.”