Inter seeks to maximise data usage through Acronis tie-up

Italian Serie A football club Inter Milan has signed a new partnership with Swiss technology company Acronis.

Under the deal, Acronis will provide Inter with comprehensive protection for all club data, applications and systems.

Alessandro Antonello, corporate chief executive at Inter, said in future the partnership could explore the role of data to maximise team performance.

Antonello told Inter TV: “Their resources, which are found worldwide and particularly put to use in Formula E and Formula One, will be made available to us in order to improve the performance of our team.

“Data protection and security is now being talked about throughout the world. This applies even more so to the world of football, where there are millions of fans and enormous amounts of data managed by the club on a daily basis.

“Therefore, guaranteeing security is a priority for us, but we’re also taking a keen interest in possible future developments regarding the analysis of our players. This partnership will see us immerse ourselves in a new world relating to data management as we look to guarantee that our staff receive the right support.”