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Honda and Mercedes to title respective home Grands Prix

Formula One manufacturers Honda and Mercedes will Title Sponsor the 2018 Japanese Grand Prix and the 2019 German Grand Prix, respectively, in an unprecedented show of support for their home races.

Although it’s not unusual for Formula One’s Global Partners to bundle race title deals into their agreements, it is rare for manufacturers to buy the centrally-sold race title rights.

In Honda’s case, the company has a dual interest in the success of the Japanese Grand Prix because it is also the owner and promoter of the Suzuka racetrack. Last week, Formula One signed an agreement with the Honda subsidiary Mobilityland for Suzuka to host the race for another three years.

The Mercedes deal will help the Hockenheim racetrack re-establish its place on the Formula One circuit after the German Grand Prix was dropped from the race calendar in 2017.

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