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Heineken most memorable brand in Uefa Champions League, says report

A new report has named Dutch beer brand Heineken as the most memorable sponsor of the Uefa Champions League.

According to Spanish news site Expansion.com, UK marketing agency Havas Sport & Entertainment has published a new report ranking Champions League sponsors by consumer recall.

In a survey conducted by Havas, 12 per cent of respondents named Heineken as the first brand that comes to mind when asked to think of a Champions League sponsor.

In second place came Mastercard with 3 per cent, followed by Ford with 2.4 per cent and Nissan with 1.5 per cent.

The report claims the rankings correlate with the length of time each brand has been involved in the tournament.

In first and second place, Heineken and Mastercard have been Official Sponsors of the Champions League since 1994.

Notably, third-place Ford inked its first sponsorship of the tournament in 1992, but has not had an active deal with the Champions League since 2014.

Most recent

The partnership is understood to be a three-season deal, from 2019-20 to 2021-22, and builds on AXA’s existing Global Partner agreement with Liverpool.

The deal is the largest ever sponsorship investment in UK women’s sport and comes less than a year after the league went fully professional in September 2018.

Under the five-year global deal, Oppo will become the first Official Smartphone Partner of The Championships, Wimbledon, as the event is officially known.

US sportswear brand Nike is paying about $7.5m (€6.7m) per year to sponsor China’s League of Legends Pro League (LPL), according to industry sources.