Cruzeiro continues shirt sponsor dealings

Cruzeiro has extended its shirt sponsorship deal with UninCor 5 Estrellas, a joint educational venture between the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A football club and university UninCor.

UninCor 5 Estrellas will now received branding space on the front of Cruzeiro’s shirt, in the shoulder area, through to December 2022. The university formerly occupied the back of the Belo Horizonte club’s shirt, but has moved following a new deal announced last week.

That two-year contract granted Multimarcas Consórcios, a company that deals in the property movement and real estate services sectors, exposure on the back of Cruzeiro’s shirt, above the number.

Cruzeiro’s marketing and sales director, Rene Salviano, said: “UninCor 5 Estrellas has been our partner since last season. We increased the investment and further reinforced this link between the institution and Cruzeiro with the new partnership agreement. We are looking to improve the club’s revenues more and more, making it a bigger and stronger team.”