China Mobile to sponsor Liupanshui marathon, showcase ‘smart marathon’ 5G technology

China Mobile will sponsor the Liupanshui summer international marathon in Guizhou, China, and provide 5G infrastructure for both runners and attendees.

According to, 5G high-definition cameras combined with high-frequency RFID readers at 14 timing points will give each participant a detailed and personalised post-run video, which can be viewed and saved on the Liupanshui marathon mobile application.

Since it’s inauguration in 2013, the popular Liupanshui marathon has won a China athletics association gold medal, and is an IAAF bronze event.

China’s sport industry market value and participant numbers continued to rise in 2019. Industry reports show the number of sports and fitness participants in China has increased by 1.7 per cent year-on-year to hit 64.22 million in May 2019, and consumer spending on sports and fitness is expected to hit $221bn by 2020.

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