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Calcium-rich mineral water brand signs up with Inter

Italian mineral water Sangemini has signed with Serie A club Inter Milan as its Official Water for the next three seasons.

Under the deal, Sangemini will be visible on pitch-side advertising boards, team benches and in hospitality areas at Inter’s San Siro stadium.

Sangemini will also be present at Inter’s Appiano Gentile training centre, and during press conferences and live TV events around first team and academy fixtures.

Parent company Acque Minerali d’Italia claims one litre of Sangemini water provides 40 per cent of an average adult’s daily recommended intake of calcium – which is equivalent to two glasses of milk or two pots of yoghurt.

“This new partnership sees us playing a leading role in spreading the idea of mineral water as a primary source of nutrition, and highlighting how it differs from other types of water, such as drinking water, treated water and microfiltered water,” said Carlo Pessina, managing director of Acque Minerali d’Italia. “This will help us to move away from trivialising ‘water’ as just a thirst quencher as much as possible.”

The Acque Minerali d’Italia beverage group also owns mineral water brands Norda and Gaudianello.