Brand Affinity Technologies goes racing at Indianapolis

Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) has agreed a deal with Brand Affinity Technologies for the technology and marketing service company to become an exclusive event partner until 2018.

As part of the deal, Brand Affinity will make its FanPhotos service exclusively available for IMS to use at track events. The service will see roving FanPhotos photographers work within the crowd, while photographers will be positioned at sites at the track where fans can view their photos and purchase them instantly.

The FanPhotos service aims not only to allow interaction and communication during the event, but also after it has finished – through offline and online brand engagement, such as active sharing via social media.

Brand Affinity’s FanPhotos fan engagement service will be first used later this month when the circuit hosts the 97th edition of the Indianapolis 500 race, one of motor-racing’s premiere events. It will take place at the IMS on May 26.