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Akquinet to Title Sponsor EHF Cup Finals

German IT consulting company Akquinet has signed on as Title Sponsor of the European Handball Federation’s 2019 EHF Cup Finals.

Akquinet has agreed the deal with EHF Marketing and German Bundesliga club THW Kiel, which is hosting the tournament at its Sparkassen-Arena-Kiel from May 17-18.

Akquinet is headquartered in Hamburg, but has a branch in Kiel. It employs several former professional handball players and is currently developing a performance diagnostic app that is designed to be a health diary for competitive athletes.

Dirk Aargaard, board member of Akquinet, said: “Through both the sporting enthusiasm around the event and our support for the Akquinet EHF Cup Finals, we want to present ourselves as a company operating not only in our fast-growing location in Kiel but throughout Germany and Austria.”